Most common types of games: What you need to know about online casino?


Almost all online casinos that operate in the world agree to have 3 types of games – roulette tables, blackjack tables and slot machines or slots. Along with these 3 modalities, you can find best free casino online that offer baccarat tables, other less popular card games, such as Major-Minor, video poker games or, even, online bingo halls.

Roulette is the queen of the casino

The online roulette is the quintessential gambling casinos. It was introduced for the first time in a casino in the one of Monte Carlo and from that moment, it has not stopped spreading by other casinos of the face-to-face and online world. Perhaps the most interesting are the roulettes live, which have real dealers and roulettes, not digital.

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Slot machine

The casinos have large collections of slots machines. There are more than 150 different ones. You can find slots of different categories, such as science fiction, sports, cartoons, movies, series, history, animals, etc. Some have progressive jackpots, which can win, with a big stroke of luck, huge amounts of money, prizes of even 5 figures.

In some casinosthey give the opportunity to try the machines with “play moneyā€¯ before playing in them with real money. Other casinos give away free spins to reward loyalty or the realization of deposits. In the world of slots you can find concrete promotions that can make you enjoy even more the world of the machines.


Some casinos have online bingo halls, which tend to be well attended. In online bingos, the number of balls per bingo can vary (usually 75, 80 and 90), the time allowed for the purchase of the cards, the duration of the bingo and the price of the cards.

The online bingos have the advantage that the player does not have to worry about crossing the numbers. The software does this automatically, which, in addition to avoiding marking errors, allow players to interact through chat, make probability calculations or even ask faithfully for missing numbers.

Black Jack

Online blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Many of the casinos have tables of blackjack tables online, the card game in which you must add 21 or as close as possible to win the dealer and the bank. There are different types of blackjack tables in the casinos of our regulated market but the main ones are – the European (in which the dealer has the cards in sight), the American (in which one of the cards is face down).

Blackjack is a game of chance, but good players can almost completely reduce the advantage of banking. If you like card games, blackjack can offer you many hours of entertainment.

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