Benfica Macau Fought Hard During the North Korea Tour

The most prestigious competition of the Asian continent has now taken an unforeseen turn where Benfica Macau has to play in Pyongyang. AFC Club is the tournament where the best clubs of Asia face off each other. Benfica Macau is the defending champions who play in the Liga de Elite. It is the top league of Macau and they have the Macau Olympic Complex Stadium as their home ground. They have also attended the AFC Cup for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017, and 2018. But the trip to North Korea will be hard for them actually. As per the coach of the team Bernando Tavares, making the team with the local players will not be a very easy task as many of the players are not professional in terms of the game. In fact, the coach even doesn’t know the players with whom he has to play the match. The match against Hwaebul SC is going to be very tough as many players will have to take leave from their work.

The coach of Benfica Macau in fact is unaware of the available players so far. This is why he wants the players to gather at first and then only he will be able to make the team after seeing their performance. In this situation, he is hoping to have a result where his team may have conceived minimum goals. Among many difficulties, the coach has also said that as there are very fewer numbers of videos available of their opponent, it is hard to decide the strategies for the match. This is why it is nearly impossible for them to know the opponents and they will have to get to the field without any proper information about the team. This is why they are facing a very tough time in North Korea.

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